“The Powertech crew did a very good job, the team operate in a professional manner and know what they are doing.”

-Ian Hitchman, Citic Pacific Mining

“The scope of work included generator, transformer and switchboard protection relay validation, calibration of metering equipment as well as current/voltage transformer testing. The expertise and planning of the Origin team together with the quality of work delivered by the highly skilled Powertech Services technicians ensured a successful shutdown – with all work completed on time, with zero incidents.”

-Tony Miaco, Origin Energy

Powertech Services has just completed a project for the installation and commissioning of Arc Detection Systems on the Perth Transit Authority (PTA) rail network substations. The project spanned a duration of approximately 1.5 years; during this time, Powertech worked closely with PTA and other Subcontractors to ensure a smooth and effective delivery of the project requirements.
PTA have indicated, “ Powertech is a customer focused company, they always show commitment and quality in work. Powertech is always available, always positive, showing high level of expertise, qualified and experienced staff.”
All works were completed within allocated timeframe and with zero incidents. The Powertech team’s exemplary work ethic helps build a trusted relationship with our Partners.

-Perth Transit Authority

“The Origin Technical Integrity Engineering Team and Powertech teams contributed to a safe, timely, professional and successful outcome. The Powertech team displayed fantastic work ethic and flexibility in order to get the work done safely and to a high standard within the restrictions of the shutdown campaign. Scope of work included Protection Study, Primary and Secondary HV testing for a major shutdown.”

-David Hardy, Origin Energy

“Working together with the experienced Stanwell team in conjunction with the quality of work delivered by the skilled Powertech Services technicians ensured that the work was completed on time, exceeded quality and with zero incidents.”

-Mica Creek Power Station